About Us

The Harbor was founded in the spring of 1978 after St. Clair County received a grant from the Department of Juvenile Justice to open an emergency shelter housing ten runaway and homeless youth aged 9 to 17. In 1981, The Harbor became a program of Comprehensive Youth Services, Inc. and has experienced tremendous growth over the past thirty years.

Today, it has six major funding sources, with the state and federal government providing the base funding for program operations. Additionally, The Harbor manages Wings of The Harbor, a transitional living program for youth aged 18 to 21, to help them learn the skills to live independently while providing them with a safe, secure shelter for a period not exceeding eighteen months.

In October 2007, The Harbor added its newest program, the Street Outreach Program, which provides the community with a team of young people to reach out to youth at risk and provides referrals and alternatives to the street. The program also provides a drop-in center that offers an array of services designed to enhance the lives of these young people in crisis. In the spring of 2008, The Harbor proudly celebrated thirty years of service to runaway and homeless youth and their families in St. Clair, Sanilac, and Huron Counties, providing shelter, counseling, aftercare, and supportive services to an average of 130 youth annually.

Our Mission

Our mission is to assist young people and their families in meeting the challenges of life by building hope, strength, safety & promoting permanent connections

For over 40 years, The Harbor has assisted at-risk, runaway, and homeless youth and their families in St. Clair, Sanilac, and Huron Counties. The Harbor provides shelter, street-based community outreach, counseling, crisis intervention, and supportive services to an average of 130 children, teens, and young adults annually.

We offer safety, security, and basic support services, as well as a comfortable place for homeless and runaway youth to come in off the street. All services are free of charge and confidential.

The Fiscal Year 2018 Annual Report is available here.